Research and virtually emulate biological neural networks with an emphasis on the relevant elements of awareness and consciousness, the end goal being virtual analogs of consciousness with the further goal of a Conscious Artificial Intelligence (C.A.I.) along with derived applications.

Current work.

Research : A first book delineating the subject and the project in detail: Conscious Artificial Intelligence: Part 1. Foundations

Tooling: A Neural Net Viewer/Modeler which serves as a springboard to further test and develop C.A.I. elements, a principal finding and early prototype can be found here: Neural Synchronization in the brain - A real time visualization.

What's needed ?

The project is fully self funded ( modestly ), it also has a clear path ahead. I believe a better location for myself and the project, a lab, staff and resources could help accelerate the project, if you are in a position to provide these and want to be part of the project, please contact me.

Forthcoming work. 2019...?

Research : Part 2 ( Conscious systems ) and Part 3 (C.A.I. Applications ) in self published book form.

Tooling: A minimal conscious system.


    Q: Where are we in terms of AI and why is it not conscious yet.
    A: What we currently have (mid 2019) are a family of purpose built Ais with narrow focus : Neural Networks ( NN ),Deep Learning (DL),Machine Learning (ML),Object recognition and various robotic applications. I can’t definitely state that any one of this approaches will generate a C.A.I.by itself, but I do believe that without a purposefully built system and new AI architectures it will be difficult to achieve.

    Q: What are the commercial applications of a C.A.I.
    A:Generating a Conscious Ai would lead us into uncharted territory, so finding applications would be a project unto itself, I believe this will be a gradual affair, but along the way virtual assistants and improvements of current Ais where context is important come to mind as early applications.

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